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Quite simply, moisture can be detrimental to your health and effect the durability of your home.


Have problems looking out your windows?

Both condensation and frost on your windows will impede you looking out them. This can be annoying and give the feeling of living in a windowless box.

As well as this irritating fact, it has to be taken on board that condensation can damage any of your window frames and the walls beneath the windows.

This can result in more draughts entering the home and not to mention the wallet busting repairs that you have to under go.


Does your home smell?

If your home smells musty it is likely that this is a symptom of a dampness and mold growth.

These can be visual or hidden problems. But you do need to detect them and rectify matters.


Do you or the family have breathing problems?

If so it could be because of dampness and mold in your home. Health surveys do link problematic breathing with damp and mold growth.

This is especially so with children and older people.


Find your clothes are damp or ruined?

When you get dressed in the mornings do you find that your clothes are damp or even have mildew stains on them. It is well known that molds will grow and flourish in cupboards, closets and basements.


Is the paint peeling on your walls?

This is unsightly and a headache for many people who do not understand why. Warm and moist air leaking out from a wall can cause condensation on the inside of the wall.

Over time this will result in brick and plaster problems as well as paint peeling off the walls.


Is the roof leaking when it is not raining?

Now this is not a nice situation to be in. Confusing as well. But what causes this is warm moist air leaking in to your attic and condensing.

Major problems will generate over time with wood frames rotting, insulation absorbing moisture and not working to full efficiency.

And lets not forget to mention those unsightly stained ceilings that can even sag due to the moisture.


Are your energy bills increasing?

If so then you would of noticed that and not like it. Moisture is linked with cold surfaces and draughts and leaks.

This means heat loss in the home. As it gets colder you turn the heating up. Ching ching there goes a few more coins down the drain.






Why Worry About Moisture Problems


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